About Us

Our Mission

TeraCrunch is a mission-focused company. Our team is singularly focused on doing what's right and passionate about helping our clients implement fact-based, proactive decisions that free more time for business building instead of analyzing raw data.


Data-driven decision-making is a clear competitive advantage in a world of Big Data and increasing business competition. Businesses are challenged with constantly changing business needs and emerging problems. Enterprises are challenged with building and effectively consuming scalable analytics as an integral part of all business decisions across functions.

TeraCrunch is a behavioral analytics solutions provider. We provide our clients with an eco-system of custom solutions, process improvement & people. To achieve that, we have built an eclectic team of highly experienced business experts, behavioral data scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. We know that highly custom solutions yield the greatest competitive advantage and value. Our team customizes each of our solutions  to our clients’ operations and competitive positions in the marketplace. This unique approach revolutionizes how analytics is built and consumed to maximize ROI. It enables scalable, measurable and cost-effective data-driven decision-making in a multi-disciplinary environment. As business needs evolve, our solutions are designed to be easily upgraded.

TeraCrunch works with leading enterprises across multiple industry verticals to build a competitive edge in key horizontals like Operations and Marketing. Typical business practice suggests looking for deep expertise in one’s own vertical. But as business models transform and evolve, enterprises can learn more from the best practices from across verticals rather than from the same vertical. This helps innovate creative analytical solutions, which can be applied across businesses to solve varied business problems. Vertical cross-pollination spurs Innovation. Our expertise cut across multiple verticals, including Media, Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, and more.

Solution Suite Designed by Business Experts & Top Data Scientists

TeraCrunch employs a world-class team of Ph.D. Data Scientists coming from NASA, SONY, Eminent Researchers & Academia. Our founders are analytics business experts and gurus of Natural Language Processing, Semantics, Knowledge Engineering (ontology & dictionary modeling), and Predictive Modeling. Using years of R&D and pragmatic understanding of the market needs, we have pre-built a suite of Operational & Marketing analytics solutions. Our key differentiators (below) help our clients create a competitive edge.

  • Solutions are built using Behavioral Science: Behavioral Science is the scientific study and explanation of human behavior. Its application is critical for businesses wanting to understand and predict their end users. We approach analytics from a from the Science first. Our custom solutions are an advanced synergy of data science & behavioral science. These solutions use an ensemble of advanced algorithms employing applied insights from behavioral science.
  • Solutions leverage NLP/Semantics for Unstructured Data: At least 90% of the data in the world is unstructured. Qualitative/UnStructured data is messy and hides user intentions and behaviors. These data are not ready for analysis and most analytics companies find it difficult to prepare and process such data. Our solutions clean, structure and analyze these messy data in small or huge volumes and extract deep insights.