Data audit & feasibility assessment (how to monitize data, what problems can our data solve) - Data cleaning, duplicates removal & intelligent structuring - ETL & Integration - Deploy data warehouse designed for analytics


Consulting Services Offering

Our consulting services model blends the specialized expertise of highly trained and experienced consulting with the speed and flexibility of our commercially ready analytics tools and “last mile” customization. We offer local experienced data scientists and domain experts for consultation. They collaborate and work as a part of your team. We offer a full suite of services including, but not limited to, data analytics requirements & roadmap identification, data feasibility assessment, data enrichment strategy and turn-key custom solution deployment.

Data analytics requirements & roadmap

We start by understanding your business strategy, challenges and priorities. Based on your needs and data holdings, we recommend a phased iterative approach to deploying analytics tools. We typically start with the most efficient approach that provides the highest return on investment. That also serves as the foundation for subsequent analytics. To save time & money, it is critical to embark your big data journey with the right strategy.

Data feasibility assessment

Our expert data scientists carry out data feasibility assessments that are critical for deploying the right analytics. We audit your data holdings before committing to analytics. We assess the available data and recommend what analytics can be build and what problems will it solve.

Data enrichment strategy & why its needed

Data Enrichment is necessary when your internal data is not sufficient to solve a problem. We recommend outside data required to enrich your internal data so you can build a rich holding. Without the right data, no analytics is effective. We can enrich your data with outside information through our strategic partnerships, our live connections into social data, and other publicly available sources.

Getting started with the deployment!

We will assign a team that will stay with you for the life of our relationship. TeraCrunch will :

Customize its analytics suite to your requirements

Deploy analytics within your organziational process & provide process improvement training

Continually tune & improve the analytics to ensure your competitive edge is maintained