Why TeraCrunch


Not only money, but a lot of time is lost only to find that results did not meet expecations. Often times projects are not even completed because internal teams had to work on other priorities. We have developed modernized lego blocks of technology and a methodology to provide "turn-key" analytics tools. Our approach is fast, flexible and collaborative. Our professional services team creates rapid prototypes, usually in 1-2 weeks and full scale tools typically within 4-6 weeks. We work as an extension of your team. No long term contract, no disruption to your IT infrastructure, no need to invest in expensive talent and technology.

People: Top Data Scientists & Engineers

Cummulative brain-power of a team of PhD data scientists & domain experts, customize our technology and follow our proven processes to solve client problems

Experience: 200+ deployed tools

Methodically designed to mitigate risks at every stage of the analytics life-cycle; problem formulation, solution deployment, business integration, upgrades, consumption

Turn-key Technology: Enables agile delivery

SocratezTM is a patent pending suite of tools, machine learning algorithms & models, and deep learning, the lego blocks to accelerate time-to-value

Benefits: Business tranformation

6 weeks to a fully tailored solution. Business ROI goes up quarter over quarter as we monitor & tune results. No need to invest in costly data science resources & software

Our Offerings


We work across multiple industries and cross pollinate best practices between them. Deployment is done on your servers or ours. Most clients opt for our servers as they benefit from fast cloud based deployment and ongoing optimization. We also offer consulting services to build data strategy, data marts, perform data audits and build proof of concepts. Consulting services is a fixed flat fee or an hourly fee per resource. Our singular focus is delivering measurable results. Examples - predicting product failure in a manufacturing firm at 95-99% accuracy helps reduce troubleshooting costs, increased customer lead conversion by 25% & decreased churn by 19%, saved costs from supply & demand forecasting by $4M/mth, automated a manual process by deploying an algorithm saving $1MM cost/quarter.

Operations & Finance Domain Tools

Manage risks pro-actively & make smarter decisions daily • Predictive Maintenance • Predict supply & demand • Forecast Sales, AR, Unit sales • Process improvment & optimization

Data Sheet Case Studies

      Sales & Marketing Domain Tools

 A new unique way to understand & predict complex & changing human behaviors, habits, preferences & charateristics. And predict effects of location, context, ethnicity, population & timing.

DATA SHEETCase Studies

     Healthcare & Pharma Domain Tools

Revenue optimization • Analyze ICD9 to ICD10 transition to identify Fraud & Revenue opportunities • Forecast supply & demand • Clinical Optimization • AI Drug Discovery • Population Health

DATA SHEET Case Studies

How It Works

 Our People, Processes & Technology, are applied to your data, to answer your business questions

1. Your Raw Data

We access your raw data, your problems & build an analytics strategy

2. Data Preparation & Enrichment

Data is cleaned, organized & enriched with our proprietary tools/techniques

3. Product Tailoring

Our algorithms & pre-designed analytics are customized 

4. Data Visualization

Analytics stories are delivered via an interactive dashboard or  restful API

5. Intelligent Decision Making Begins

Take pro-active fact based decisions and create a constant competitive edge

6. Ongoing Optimization

Our data scientists constantly monitor & tune analytics


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Customer Testimonials


“ Great product, great people. Thanks TeraCrunch for building analytics products and shining more light into Data driven analysis & decision making. ”

- Ben Legg
CEO, AdKnowledge
client name2

“ TeraCrunch helps us create a deep understanding of consumer behavior within the context of relationships, a critical need for the success and evolution of Hallmark. Applying these data science insights and architectural thinking will inform and influence our products, consumer engagement and branded experiences ”

- Paul Barker
SVP of Digital Innovation & Business Development, Hallmark

“ TeraCrunch's customized Predictive Analytics solution helps us see the future and make proactive decisions. ”

- Matt Watson
Founder & CEO, Stackify