Case Studies

Stage 4 Cancer Patients Intervention

Studies have found that timely intervention can extend length of life and improve quality of life for stage 4 cancer patients. TeraCrunch provides a solution to a team of oncologists at a major hospital to predict if and when study participants are at risk for an adverse event, allowing clinicians to intervene before the event occurs.

Barriers of Entrepreneurship Research & Modeling

Construction of a descriptive model for the main barriers of entrepreneurship within the United States.
Entrepreneurship is a mainstay of the American economy, as well as a symbol of the “American Dream”. Despite this, researchers struggle to properly evaluate the complex cultural, financial, and legislative practices which foster healthy entrepreneurship, and the barriers which stifle it.

Network Segmentation to Target High-Risk Customers

Construction of a segmentation model based on interactions with the network in order to locate and target customers more likely to churn.
Customers perceive fluctuations in network performance differently, and reactions are varied. The client needed a way to properly identify groupings of customers and their propensity to churn in order to proactively assist those customers.

Healthcare Rehab Smart Scheduling Optimization Tool

Optimal Plan of Care and schedule optimization for therapy using TeraCrunchTM Solution.
Individualized therapy models requires regular evaluations from which Plan(s) of Care are developed, adjusted, and optimized, but this process can be expensive to standardize, implement and scale.

Manufacturing Plant Root Cause Prediction Tool

When products coming off an assembly line fail routine tests, manufacturers often employ highly skilled workers to determine the root cause of the failure. These individuals are difficult to train, and therefore are difficult to replace if they leave. As such there is a great opportunity for machine learning models to facilitate and accelerate the discovery of the root causes of failures, easing the burden of discovery on technicians in response to a test failure.

Advanced analytics to identify revenue growth potential of new pharmaceuticals

Identification of new growth opportunities is critical for a forward-looking management approach. In this case study, TeraCrunch advanced analytics is applied to study the potential of new pharmaceuticals, such that the client can adjust to new developments in the market and better assess which drugs are promising for the future of their business.

Insurance Claim Cost Predictive Analytics Solution

Planning and Predicting insurance claim costs using TeraWiz TM Predictive Analytics Solution.

Advanced behavioral analytics to understand customers and prevent churn

Predicting which customers will churn and why, is a crucial need for many clients. In this case study, TeraCrunch advanced analytics is applied to increase the targeting effectiveness of a marketing plan to combat customer churn.

Chatbots for Next-Generation Residential Care

The client is a company pioneering home automation technologies for individual homes as well as for residential complexes and communities of multiple homes.

Predicting Physician’s Propensity, Loyalty & Retention For Various Drugs

Advanced analytics to understand Physician’s prescription habits and predict future behavior

Hospital Drug Supply & Demand Simulation & Forecasting Solution

Predicting hospital drug supply and demand to minimize drug waste and maximize revenue using TeraDrug Solution™

Healthcare Billing Fraud & Revenue Optimization Analytics

Since many diseases can be alternatively classified under more than one ICD-9 or ICD-10 code, and since the migration to ICD-10 has opened new possibilities to establish billing standards, there is a need to mitigate operational and financial risks and reduce fraud.

User Acquisition & Retention Analytics

An enterprise in the consumer goods business desired a Recommendation & Insights Analytics Solution to understand consumer behavior, their motivations and improve acquisition, retention and on-line experience. TeraCrunch's Advanced Behavioral Analytics suite was tailored to help the client address these marketing challenges.

Operational Optimization Analytics

A legal firm wanted to understand its human resource and project performance at a granular level to improve operational efficiency and capacity planning. TeraCrunch's custom analytics provides a real-time interactive dashboard showing insights on current performance as well as predictive insights to take pro-active decisions.