Dr. Drew Overholt

Sr. Data Scientist

Drew Overholt received his bachelor's of science in Physics from Southern Nazarene University followed by his Master's and PhD with honors from the University of Kansas in 2013. With his dissertation centered around the computational simulation of astrophysical events and their effects on Earth's life; Drew handled large data sets and wrote his own simulation codes, running it on super computing resources with TeraGrid. From 2013-2016, Drew was institutional PI on a grant from NASA Exobiology to examine the effects of a nearby supernova. During the last five years, Drew has worked in the area of data science, applying the analytic, computational, and scientific skills he obtained through his academic work as an astrophysicist. He has worked with TeraCrunch on a variety of projects including large and small businesses in finance, telecommunications, marketing and other industries.

Drew is married and has two children (2 and 5). His hobbies include competition barbeque, classic cars, and strategy board games.